About the proprietor.

At the age of 8 I started tinkering with electronics and programming computers in BASIC.

In 1987 at the age of 15 I left school and started working for an electronics company assembling medical equipment, 6 months later my father told me about a company looking for a technician to assist in calculator repairs. 

As technology progressed i went on to repairing typewriters, electronic organisers, walkmans, and then computers.

When MS Windows came along I got into networking and then started programming for Windows using Borland's DELPHI. 

In 2004 I established Taylored Warez, writing custom Windows and web software.

As business equipment was getting cheaper and (cringe, disposable), repairs were getting scarce so after 19 years of repairing business equipment I decided to pursue a career in I.T.

I was still required by my previous employer for the occasional repair and was happy to provide my services when required.

While talking to a friend one day, he advised me that a repairer was needed for guitars and amplifiers, so I was put in touch with a luthier who needed me to assist with the occasional repair.

More to come...

Where does the Name come from?

The name is a play on words.

Taylored:  As in Tailor (a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing) from my surname Taylor.

Warez: Pronounced Wares or Where-zzz, an internet term used for Software or Hardware.