This Peavey Century had very scratchy pots a broken power cord and rusty jacks.

Peavey Century

Spares for this old amp were no longer avaliable, I had some pots in stock but the standard thread size was too small. 

 New Pot

The pots Peavey used had a very odd thread size. So I came up with a way to transfer the old threads to the new pots.

First I removed the tops from the old pots. 

Old Pot

Using a hammer and punch and a top from a new pot that I broke (woops).


I shaped the top to fit the new pot.

Modified Pot

Then by grinding the thread off the new pot and lifting the can tabs I was able to fit the old tops.

New Pot

Placed them back into the PCB and installed links to the pads.


Finaly I replaced the power cord and jacks, I also added ground wires, the original design relied on the nut being tight and holding the socket to the chassis.