This Eminar P607 from the early 70's came in dead. Another repairer wrote it off, so when the owner learnt of my services I was asked if it could be resurrected.

This shows the preamp stage as it came in.

This shows the power supply and tremolo stages as it came in.

The tremolo hasnt worked for some time and some parts were missing.

I replaced the useless round power socket with a more usefull IEC C14.

Inside view of the IEC C14.

Replaced all the power caps with new JJ capacitors.

I put in new diodes with a higher current rating than the originals.

Repaired the tremolo, fitted a new switch and lamp.

New EL34 valves and I also threw in some jaws to hold them in.  

The unit was covered with stickers, this is after a clean up.

You can also see the new power, standby and tremolo switches and bezels to which I fitted high brightness LEDs.

This shows a perfect sine wave with no crossover distortion, the result of a perfectly biased amp.

This is just before the amp clips, calculates to 144 watts into a 4 ohm dummy load.